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VELUX Window Servicing

Velux Servicing is required every few years in order to increase the lifespan of your window. Velux Window maintenance will also help you improve the longevity of your window.

Among roof windows problems can show up. Inside the glass making your window cloudy or in the window frame causing a leak. Window servicing is what is keeping your window secure and weatherproof.

If you are not sure what your issue is do not worry just give us a call. One of our representatives will get you booked in and one of our Certified Installers will come and check it out for you.

We are Velux Accredited fitters so we are experts at diagnosing and fixing these issues, so if your Velux roof window or skylight needs checking or repairing give us a call at 03337721851 or click the contact button.

VELUX Window Maintenance

Your VELUX window will last you at least 30 years but they need to be looked after and cleaned. They can be rotated around in order to clean them from dirt and moss from around the edges of your window this should be done annually, if you need any help one of our team will show you.

Refer to the video below on how to get easy access to your windows. When cleaning takes extra care in order to remove moss from around the seal at the edges as this is the largest killer of Velux windows. Velux servicing is not required if your windows are correctly maintained so in order to save yourself the cash looking after your windows once a year is vital.


Can you repair VELUX windows?

It is possible to have a Velux window repair without having to replace the entire unit. It shouldn't be too difficult for an experienced contractor to find the model of the window and the exact measurements and repair it in t best way they can.

What is the life of a VELUX window?

Velux Windows are guaranteed for 10 years by Velux whilst any electrical products, blinds, and shutters are guaranteed for 3 years. However, many of the Velux window installations that are replaced are over 30 years old, which indicates they can last for this long and maybe for even longer.

How do you fix a leaky Velux window?

Applying roofing tar or appropriate sealant at the edges of the sealant may help stop the leak. If the sealant has deteriorated, you can apply a new seal after removing the old broken seal. Another cause of leakage can be the sash around the window. If the leakage is not due to the sealant, you may need to check the flashing.

How do you remove moss from VELUX windows?

Use an old toothbrush or plastic scraping tool with razor blade to scrub moss that has infiltrated small crevices where the window glass meets the window frame. Rinse the window glass with plain water to remove moss-killer residue. Clean the window with glass cleaner to remove streaks and water spots.

How long should it take to Service a Velux window?

How long to service a Velux window? A Velux window installation is a simple home maintenance project and will usually take between 30 mins - 1 hour per window depenidng on access and size

We are VELUX accredited fitters which means they work with us and recommend us on their website to all their customers across; Manchester, Halifax, Yorkshire, North Wales, and Derbyshire

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